Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pup Surgeries

I just got back from Edmonton, left Thursday so that 3 pups could have their surgeries done. Dr Todd Scott of Crestwood Vet clinic did them all on Friday. He actually likes to do cleft surgeries! He says they are interesting and not nearly as difficult as some might make them out to be. The mouth has lots of veins and 2 arteries and that causes some concern. I liked his comment which was pretty much know the anatomy and don't slice the arteries! He showed us photos of the surgery he did and some other examples as well. He was very informative about the aftercare and pointed out that if you think they are ready for hard food and the mouth bleeds....stop feeding the hard food. Some folks just don't get that

The whole staff was pleasant, one receptionist says her next dog will be a Whippet, the pups were great Ambassadors. I left the pups overnight as I was staying quite a distance away and the clinic was on my way home. They came out this morning clean, fed and looking pretty happy.

They are now settled down, the boys didn't think they should be crated again esp. after only getting hand walked. Ricky, their cousin, wanted them to come out to play which didn't help! Dyna, being sensible, is quite happy to curl up in the crate and go to sleep. She did want to pounce on bushes, good sign.

It has been a long couple of days, 8+ hours driving each way. Alexis and Jeremy let us all stay at their lovely home, Alexis led me to the clinic this morning, I think she knew my stress level was up! Sue came over yesterday and took us all to the clinic. Then we got some photos of Rick and his siblings. We also went to a couple of pet places so that made a nice break. Thank you all for your help!!!!

I will publish photos of their mouths after they have a day or two to relax.

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